Baubüro in situ


We plan on site.

With the people, with the existing buildings, with the environment.


We transform.

Instead of demolishing and starting from scratch, we build on the existing. In careful adjustments, we adapt historic buildings for current and future uses.


We convert.

Continuous change is our programme. We accompany the transformation of sites and buildings. In doing so, we build on the history of the respective location.


We think modularly.

In modulation, we focus on the aesthetics of the essential and motivate individual appropriation. We complement simple units – according to the versatile, changing needs.


We reuse components.

Materials that are no longer used in one place give rise to something new elsewhere. This circulation saves energy and pays tribute to the beauty of what already exists.


Baubüro in situ is an architectural practice based in Basel and Zurich, a pioneer in the reuse of materials and an expert in the revitalisation of existing buildings since 1998

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